Australiawide Mercantile Agency

Services Overview

  • Collections
  • Repossessions
  • Field Calls
  • Skip Tracing
  • Online Data Management System
  • Mortgage Field Calls
  • Pre-Litigation & Litigation Field Calls
    (re-establishing contact between Financier & Debtor)
  • Process Serving
  • Mortgaged Property Lockouts & Reposessions

Australiawide Mercantile Agency provides mercantile services throughout all States and Territories in Australia to the finance and banking sectors using contracted, experienced and professional Field Agents in their respective areas.

Our agents are accredited and compliant with current legislation.

We carry Workers Compensation Insurance, Public Liability Insurance ($10,000,000.00) & Professional Indemnity Insurance ($10,000,000.00).

We also do Process Serving of any court documents anywhere in Australia.

Our Main Services


Collections of monies owed to Clients for unsecured and secured loans, including agreements under the NCCP act, mortgages, hire purchase, chattel mortgages and commercial loans.

Field Calls

To attend at an address to ascertain and verify customer’s residence and contact details. Interview customers and if required complete asset and liability, income and expenditure forms. Interview customers and request that they contact the Client. Interview occupants for any leads to a customer’s whereabouts. Take photographs of a security. Credit card pick ups.


Repossessions of any secured chattels including, cars, trucks and transport equipment, agricultural equipment, boats, caravans, aircraft, catering equipment, office equipment and earthmoving machinery and house lockouts.

Online Data Management System.
(Cloud Hosted & Supported behind a secured Citrix Web Interface Portal)

We have implemented a cloud hosted management system that allows Clients and Field Agents to log in via the Internet. They can view, edit and monitor their accounts. This is a powerful addition to our services and allows Field Agents to update the files daily as actions occur.
These updates are communicated to the Clients in real time.

Skip Tracing

We undertake all forms of SKIP work however we will only use legally obtained information. We use several commercially available search engines, field calls and experience to locate missing customers.

Varied Miscellaneous Services

Mortgaged premises lockouts, surveillance, credit and store card pick ups.