Australiawide Mercantile Agency

Key Personnel - We are a strong and effective team.

David Combrink - Director

Dave is a graduate of Business Commerce.
He started his career in Financial Services in 1996 when he established a Finance Company specialising in personal loans and debt collection.
The business gradually expanded into other fields and eventually employed 800 staff members.
After the sale of the business, Dave turned his focus solely to debt collecting and repossession services, and joined forces with Australiawide Mercantile Agency.
Dave serves as the National Vice President of the Institute of Mercantile Agents.
Dave directs the company with strong focus on legislative compliance and positive result outcomes.

Kobie Combrink - National Compliance and Office Manager 

Kobie has years of experience in the Financial, Insurance, and Banking Industry.
She is a qualified Software and Book-keeping Training Facilitator.
Kobie is responsible for developing, initiating, maintaining, and revising the Company's Compliance Program and its related activities; this is a day to day activity.
Kobie's role in the business is to provide support on a variety of regulatory, financial, and legal procedures, ensuring the company is complying with regulatory requirements and that the company's employees are complying with internal policies and procedures.
Kobie reports directly to the Director of the business.
Also part of Kobie's responsibilities is business administration, marketing and growth.

Matthew Benfall - Senior Client Manager
Matthew started work in the collection industry in 2004 and has remained in the industry ever since.
Matthew is a subject matter expert in collections, process improvement, compliance and general IT.
He held various positions at Major Financiers from Collection Officer to Training & Compliance Manager before he joined Australiawide Mercantile Agency and quickly progressed to a Senior Client Manager. Matthew is very compliance orientated.
Matthew deals with all collection and repossession matters. Matthew is a highly experienced client and agent manager.

Walter Tedmanson – Senior Client Manager
Wally is the newest member of Australiawide Mercantile Agency Team, who has joined us as Client Manager at the end of 2014.
Wally has 45 years’ experience in the Industry, he worked at AGC for 30 years and spent the last 15 years at Toyota Finance as the National Collections Centre Manager.
Wally approaches all work with the utmost professionalism and places legislative compliance as foremost priority in the drive to achieve results for his clients.
Wally is a valued and highly experienced member of our Team.

Greg Corry - Admin Support
Greg comes with over 40 years of experience in the Industry.
7 years with CDC a Mercantile Agent of credit reporting and commercial debt collection, 23 years with AGC Finance and 11 years with Toyota Finance.
Greg has numbers of these years across various roles of Accounting, Office management, IT, Finance, Compliance, Collections, with the last 13 years in Asset possession, redemption and disposal.

Davey Combrink – Internal Agent and SKIP Locator
Davey is a qualified and trained Internal Agent and Field Agent involved in the collection and repossession process.
Davey is an accomplished phone collector and also specialise in SKIP tracing.
Davey’s tenacity is a welcome addition to the team which results in great skip search outcomes.

Shiraz Hussain
Shiraz has joined our team as a Client/Agent Manager in 2018, managing various Client portfolio’s.

Shiraz has an undergraduate degree in Accounting. Previous experiences in Customer Service and administration roles within the Finance Industry before joining Australiawide Mercantile Agency.

Shiraz has recently taken over the role of Administration support Officer at our office.

Shiraz is hardworking, enthusiastic and a team player, who enjoys his work and brings a lot of energy to our organisation.